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Maria Primolan Sculptor

David Bowie - 'Flash' Raku Version

David Bowie - 'Flash' Raku Version

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This Face Sculpture is inspired by David Bowie.

There are two options about the panel you can see on the photos:

1 Wooden white panel 

2 Raku Ceramic Panel 

The Flash sculpture is made of Raku Ceramic Clay and has undergone the Raku process.

This work is a part of one of my portraits of the great musician David Bowie that I wanted to make in the shape of “flash” inspired by the lighting bolt on Aladdin Sane cover pictures by the photographer Brian Duffy in 1973.

Materials- White clay painted and glazed red colour applied on back.

All Sculptures are made and shipped from Italy. The Sculpture includes a certificate signed. Each Sculpture has a wooden box, bubble wrap/polystyrene and is carefully packed to send Worldwide by courier.

Dimensions - sculpture H 24.5cm x W 8cm x D 9cm
Panel included: 34.5cm x 17.5cm x 3 cm


The Sculpture remains white after the first fire and is colored after the second fire.
During the Raku process some small cracks or little black points appear on the sculpture, this adds beauty and character and with this technique it makes every piece unique. The Raku process creates very strong sculptures with the differing high fire temperatures used when creating this piece.

After first fire color is added the eyes and the lips using ceramic color, then added to the sculpture is the “glaze”. Then the hair is colored with oxide colors, copper, iron and i put in the second kiln. Until it hits 970 degrees. Then we can open the kiln and put the sculpture on “bed of leaves, wooden dust..” and cover for 2-3 minutes, here the chemical reaction occurs, then the sculpture is unveiled and we discover the final product, and finally it is polished.

Shipment insured-

IT £22

Europe £35 economy - £60 express

UK £35 economy - £60 express

USA £70

Customs fees may be charged during transport depending on the country destination.

Order preparation Time -
Sculptures to be sent to non-European countries are shipped with an Export Certificate signed from the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Export Office. This document requests about 10-15 days to be released from the Export Office.

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