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Sculptures made of ceramic

  • David Bowie Freddie Mercury Prince Harry Styles George Michael

    Portraits Sculptures, Ceramic Masks, Framed Sculptures, Art Prints, Resin Sculptures. Collections

  • David Bowie Sculptures

    Sculptures portrait inspired and dedicated to David Bowie. Busts and Masks

  • Prince Portrait

    Bust of Prince made of painted ceramic

  • Freddie Mercury Sculptures

    Bust and Mask made of ceramic dedicated to Freddie Mercury

  • Double Headed Sculpture

    Double Headed - Sculpture created to celebrate the Life of David Bowie in collaboration with BowieGallery.com

  • Harry Styles

    Larger Bust and Mask inspired by Harry Styles

  • Sculptures made of Raku Ceramic

    Mask Portrait made through the Japanese ceramic technique

  • Sculptures made of Ceramic

    Portrait made of Hand Painted and Glazed Ceramic

  • Events

    Maria attended at the most important events dedicated to David Bowie in the UK

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